Sunday, August 15, 2010

Out with my sister!

S0 its been a pretty busy week for me with work an all. Yesterday I had a great day, first it started with going to the Collective Journey store and making a free make and take card. It was using some stickers form check out their website for some great and easy ideas. We wanted to do a layout they had there but it was going to take to long and normally we would of done it but we had to go to the movies. So we went and watched the movie with Julia Robert called Eat Pray Love. It was such a great movie in my opinion and it was a tear I like those movies. My sister had read the book and wanted to watch the movie...great idea! I like the sister date..hehe! Well the movie took longer than I thought and I was late for work, but i'm lucky I have a great boss. I'm off on Monday so I will be doing some scarpbooking.

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