Sunday, May 30, 2010

Directions on flowers I started with the black ribbon in which I cut a one inch circle. Depending on how big is the ribbon, is how big the circle will be. The circle are just thick card stock.

I used a hot glue gun and put some glue on the back to hold it still first then just kept adding glue in the back making a circle. Careful not to burn yourself.

Keep going round while holding the ribbon down in the middle to glue the back.

Now the flower is done and you then add a brad, bling, button, whatever you like or looks good with your ribbon. I just got this bling at Michaels for $1.

The wire ribbon I fold and glue if I don't like the way the edges look. Since this ribbon is bigger, I use the one and a half circle.

Again I glue it in place and start bending since this is wire I can actually get a lot bended and the glue in the back.

Keep going around and gluing and make sure you don't burn yourselves. Then when I get close to the end I then snip the ribbon a little bit bigger to have extra to fold. Then glue in back.

When done you add your button or bling, flower anything that will look good.

On this one I added a button and bling and the other a button with a flower.

This pink ribbon I bought at the dollar tree in the baby isle which is wire I totally liked this one I just didn't have a pink or white button or a big enough bling for it but you get the idea. I hope!!~~LOL~~

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  1. Thank you so much for the directions! They are so neat. They are so simple, but they look so intricate. I can't wait to make some of them for my DD!