Monday, July 19, 2010

On the 4th pics

So these picture where taken on 4th of July. I haven't posted them....well because I forgot and so I was looking at all the picture of that day and the thing is I didn't take any of them, my 13yr old daughter did. The ones of me is before I went to work and the rest are while I was at here they are!


  1. Hi! Oh you are so very blessed! Your family is so beautiful! And is that your oldest daughter? She looks just like you! :O) Maybe a tad taller?? Hee Hee!

    I have a goodie on my blog for you! BTW, I love what you did with your blog! I love pink! I also need to put my "versatile Blogger" thingy on my blog. Dial-up is just so slow!

    Love and Blessings my sister in Christ,

  2. Yea, she is the oldest and proud of being taller than me! She needs all the height she can since she plays