Sunday, July 11, 2010

Scarlett's Birthday!

 Graphic Comments
Graphic Comments
Today is Scarletts Birthday! She is a whole number 2! She is so cute and makes me laugh everyday, that girl will not stop. She is always getting into something, she likes to get into the fridge and grab cheese all the time, but she especially loves to get my scrapbooking stuff when she gets a chance. She is one busy little girl and loves the mud as you saw on the past layout I made of Gotta love her!

Oh and I also have a long time friend that her birthday is today. I know her from when I first started working. It was my first job from high school my senior year and I worked at the mall in Cabazon, and she was the assistant manager there at Adolfo's ( a women's clothing store). So happy birthday Tammy! Love Ya!

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